Oilneering Ltd service offering is based on its vast knowledge gained from extensive experience and exposure on the African and Middle East continents. Oilneering Ltd comprises several distinct yet integrated services each with a specific focus to bring our clients a comprehensive suite of Energy solutions. Each of Oilneering Ltd targeted services addresses business needs in the following areas:  Extensive hydrographic equipment rental pool, new equipment sales, ex-rental equipment sales, Inspection, maintenance and repair,24/7 engineering and technical services,equipment repairs,equipment calibration,equipment and software training. 


Subsea Hyperbaric Systems

We market & supply the following Subsea Hyperbaric Systems for your offshore projects from our pool of Submarine OEMs,such as:Saturation diving systems, hyperbaric reception facility, hydraulic search & recovery chambers, containerized nitrox dive control system, containerized hull cleaning system, underwater cleaning equipment’s & coating systems for ships, platforms/fpsos, surface supplied diving panels and submarine rescue systems

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Luxury Private Submersibles sales

In tandem with world renowned Submarine OEMs, Oilneering Ltd market’s Luxurious private manned submarine systems that gives you best view, highest comfort, unmatched performance, ultimate depth & second to none in the private manned submersible market today. Our Submersible systems are customizable to suit your specification and budget.

Pipeline/Flowline Stream

On shore Pipeline Buoyancy support Systems: Our alliance with world renowned pipeline buoyancy OEMs enables us to handle your pipe bedding/pipe saddle needs with supply of durable, ecofriendly, Safe, Easy to use, Strong, smart and cost effective pipe bedding products which are engineered to protect your pipe.
our pipe products are additionaly used for stringing and pipe-welding, integrity digs, pipe inspection & fabrication, pipe storage and transportation
our flexible pipe wrap protects your pipe from minor impact and abrasion in rocky conditions. Our products provide superior protection for your pipeline coating during back filling.

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Composite Matting System for Land operations

In tandem with leading edge matting solutions and work site construction OEMs, Oilneering can provide you with Advanced-Composite Mat System which provides a heavy duty working platform for temporary work sites and access roads which is used for in many other industry applications such as Barge & Marine operation, Heavy Civil construction, Crane operation, Environmental remediation, Offshore operations, Pipeline, Oil & Drilling, Wind, Highwire & utility, Petrochemical, Military, Events & conventions.

Our OEMs liner-less Spill Containment Systems reflect the next generation in work site protection technology and the company’s dedication to environmental protection

Petroleum products Brokerage

Oilneering trades and brokers the following petroleum products: PMS,DPK,AGO & Carbon Black (pyrolysis) used in making tires.

Materials Traceability & Equipment Sourcing

Do you need materials/equipment for your next project? or do you have equipment sitting idle? Oilneering can help you source, procure, rent or offset your equipment. We have a large pool of database of equipment suppliers and rent for the following industriesL Agriculture , Construction, Energy & utilities and Industrial support.

Capacity Development Facilitation

In addition to the above we are also specialized in Project Management, EPCI Production processes & procedures, QA-QC/Asset integrity management and workforce coordination. In partnership with Offshore Marine Academy a top U.K based Marine training and skills development company, we organize EPCI & Marine survey courses for which Oilneering facilitates.

The following GWO Courses which can be offered onsite or in general public on a Global scale facilitated by Oilneering in partnership with our training partners includes: Introduction to Offshore renewables, Understanding Sub-sea power cables, Offshore Client Representative, Marine Operations for Onshore Managers, Understanding UXO Risk management for Offshore wind renewables, Oil & Gas client representative , conversion course, non dive operations, Subsea cable laying, Sub-sea cables fault finding & repairs, First Aid, HSE First Aid, Basic Fire fighting, Rescue with smart line, Sea survival and Work at Height with Rescue/Basic work at height safety.

Agency /International representatives

With its robust strategic alliances and Agency representation with international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) drawn across USA, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom, Oilneering Nigeria Limited is solidly positioned to provide our clients with a boutique of diverse solutions to meet their Energy needs.

Our commitment to the industry, depth in project management and facilitation expertise within the Oil and Gas, business model and solid contact base forms the basis for our integrated solutions.